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JUNE 2017



Organizing Authority:
Race To The Border
Galveston Bay Cruising Association.
Laguna Madre Yacht Club

Event Description:
This is the Seventh running of a biennial regatta from Galveston to South Padre Island, organized by Race To The Border, Galveston Bay Cruising Association (GBCA) and Laguna Madre Yacht Club.
Competitors should expect to complete the 240 nautical mile course within two and a half days. A driving distance from Houston of only 6 hours and availability of inexpensive air fares between Houston Brownsville and Harlingen gives sailors and families the opportunity to enjoy a vacation together, spend a day in Schlitterbahn, or simply enjoy the beautiful white sand and blue water beaches of south Padre Island.

The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2016-2019 including US SAILING Prescriptions, the current Offshore Racing Council (ORC) Special Regulations for monohulls, Category 3, the International Rules for Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS), PHRF of Galveston Bay rules, Race To The Border club handicap and by this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. Race To The Border reserve the right to amend this Notice of Race and Rules by the Sailing Instructions.

The regatta is open to any sailing yacht or motor vessel which is of a thoroughly sea going type, strongly built and rigged, fully seaworthy, and meeting the standards set forth herein. Cruising yachts meeting equipment standards are encouraged to participate. Entry of yachts below 27' foot in length will not be permitted subject to a written request for exception and approval by and at the sole discretion of the regatta race committee, which approval, if granted, will require additional requirements and waivers of liability."

The Skipper of the yacht is the person actually in charge of the yacht and crew while the yacht is racing. Unless specifically designated to the contrary in writing by the owner or Charterer, the owner or Charterer will be considered the Skipper. The safety of a yacht is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the Skipper who must assure that the yacht is fully sound, thoroughly seaworthy and manned by an experienced crew who are physically fit. The Skipper of a yacht must be satisfied as to the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails, and all gear. The Skipper must assure that all equipment is properly maintained and stowed and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be used. Neither the establishment of equipment regulations nor any inspection of a yacht in any way limits the complete and unlimited responsibility of the yacht's skipper. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Skipper and crew of a yacht to decide whether or not to start or continue a race.

Ratings and Handicaps:
Handicaps will be calculated for a course of 240 nautical miles. A signed copy of the yacht's year 2014 Galveston Bay PHRF certificate will be mandatory for all PHRF classes, except the motor class, cruising class and Multihulls. A vessel without a PHRF certificate will receive a club handicap and will race under the cruising class and will not be eligible for the overall Marion Hayes Memorial trophy. Multihulls will be rated by a club handicap.

Motor Class:
The Motor Class is open to any vessel that wishes to participate in this regatta as an observer, any vessel which chooses to turn-on the motor, automatically moves to the motor class.

Cruising Class:
The cruising class is open to all vessels wishing to enter the regatta under a club handicap. Cruising class is divided into spinnaker and non spinnaker.
We encourage all cruising class participants to register for the Jalapeño class as well. The cruising class may use an autopilot. Other special regulations for this class will be presented in the sailing instructions.

Single/Double Handed
The single double handed class will be governed by the SOS-TX rules.

Jalapeño Class:
The Jalapeño Class is open to any vessel or individual with the right stuff to party. This class is for entertainment only, prizes will be awarded in several categories.

Entries shall be made on the Official Entry Form and shall be accompanied by an exact copy of the valid Galveston Bay PHRF Rating Certificate and entry fee. A vessel without a current PHRF certificate will receive a club handicap rating. Last PHRF committee meeting before the race is May 2.

Entry Fee: $160 plus $3 per foot for docking Monday June 5th thru Thursday June 8th .
Multihull pulling out of the water at arrival will not be required to pay a docking fee.
Deadline: Sunday May 21
For entries postmarked after May 21, 2017 the registration fee is $200.
GBCA and LMYC members will be entitled to a $10.00 discount.
Motor Class entry fee is a donation of $50.
Entry fees will be refunded if the entry is withdrawn prior to the entry deadline.
Docking fees are refundable if a vessel is scored DNS.

Schedule Of Events
Saturday, April 15.
Kick off party at True North Marine, 2pm
Food, drinks and door prizes.

Sunday May 21st.
Last day to register

Thursday May 25th.
Skipper's meeting and safety seminar at True North Marine. 7pm

Each yacht shall be represented. Any changes to the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions or Rules will be announced at the meeting. These changes shall govern.

Saturday June 3rd .
Start of Race, Bolivar Roads - Marker # 11

Monday June 5th.
17:00 -Welcome party at Laguna Madre Yacht Club in South Point Marina.

Tuesday June 6th.
Noon - Lunch and Party
17:00 - Sunset dinner and dolphin watch cruise.
Drinks and food

Wednesday June 7th.
11:00 - Brunch Party sponsored by the city of Port Isabel
12:00 - Deadline to bribe judges for the Jalapeño Class
18:00 - Banquet and Trophy presentation.

Thursday June 8th.
Bon voyage. Return to Galveston

Sailing Instructions:
Preliminary Sailing Instructions will be available on the web site. Final Sailing Instructions will be available at skippers meeting.

Races will start in Galveston in the proximity of channel marker #11 in Bolivar Roads.

Yachts entered in the regatta must be equipped in accordance with ISAF Offshore Special Regulations for Race Category 3.

Sufficient fuel for running 60 nautical miles shall be on board at the start.

Special Requirements for Multihulls: Any multihull which does not meet the lifelines requirements for Cat 3 is required to have every crew member permanently harnessed to the vessel. Jack lines should be install in such a way that a member of the crew can move freely about the deck without having to unclip his harness.

Other Regulations:
If the engine is operated for propulsion in an emergency while racing, the details of the operation shall be logged and reported to the Race Committee. If you use your motor it should not be operated in any way that advances the boat in the direction of the course.
Non-Spinnaker Class yachts shall fly only one headsail at a time. Flashers, bloopers, cruising, or other spinnakers are prohibited. Yachts normally rigged for staysails and for mizzen staysails are permitted to fly same.

The use of autopilots is prohibited while racing, except for the Motor Class, the SOS-TX rules for Single/Double handed class and the Cruising Class.

Sea Ranch Marina II, Port Isabel city docks, the shrimp basin and the turning basin will be the official Docking facilities for this regatta. Boats arriving will be directed by the race committee as to where to dock.

In South Point we will use the bulkhead and open slips. If you want to reserve a slip you will have to pay the normal fee, however, it doesn't exonerate you from your registration fee unless previous arrangements have been made with the race organizers

The docking fee is already included in your registration. There is limited shore power or water available.
Note: Sea Ranch Marina I in South Padre Island does not have transient slips; the water depth at the entrance is 5 1/2 feet. Only multihull will be able to use this facility.

The city docks will be available by reservations only on first come first serve basis. The dock has electricity and water. The fee for city docks are $2/per ft per day for June 5th thru June 9th please note that access to the city marina is not recommended at night. Also the water depth is 6'.

A list of trophies will be in the Sailing Instructions. You must race PHRF Spinnaker to be eligible for the Marion Hayes perpetual trophy. Three trophies will be awarded in the Jalapeño Class.


Galveston to South Padre Island
JUNE 3, 2017

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