JUNE 2017



Si señor.....


Galveston to South Padre Island
JUNE 3, 2017


1st place - Leslie Olsen
2nd place Sue Langgard


This year you will need to party heavily

1. The Jalapeño class is open to anybody with the right stuff to party.

2. Any changes in the race instructions will be given on a need to know basis to those with the proper security clearance. Security clearances can be pickup at the Classic Cafe during normal business hours, Monday to Saturday, 5pm to Closing.

3. The low point scoring system will be used according to rule 1.0 AC (alcohol content) of the USGBA (United States Galveston Bartenders Association). The person with the lowest score may opt to bribe the judges. A sheet with acceptable bribes will be available upon request.

4. Any individual with incomplete passports will be scored DNFB (did not find a bar). Any individual with an AC above 2.0 will be scored DSDQ (Did start, didn't quit).

5. You may fly the class flag from the backstay. There is no designation for the class flag, but if you intent to participate in the Jalapeño class, points will be awarded for best class flag.

6. You are required to participate in all events in South Padre in order to be judge.

7. You are required to carry at all times the Class Passport (The passport will be included in the Skippers bag. The passport has to be validated anytime).

8. Judges reserved the right to ask for your Class Passport at any time and to cancel your visa and serve you with deportation papers if it found that you are not properly participating in all class activities.

9. Points will be discounted in the event that you are caught in the island without a proper party attitude, offering a judge a bride can be a substitution.

10. Using any type of Spanish conversation will grant you some points. However, using the following words; "El baño", "Otra cerveza por favor", "La cuenta" will not get you extra points.

11. Protest must be filed no later than 1 minute before the last bar closes. Each protesting individual must have a bribe sheet on hand. An individual without a bribe sheet will have the option of a proper hearing according to rule 2-4-1 of the USBA (US Bartenders Association).

12. The winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony, there will be a take-home trophy.

13. These rules will be amended as the judges see it necessary. Check back the website often to get the latest news.

14. This class will be govern by the USPAGB (United States Party Association Galveston Bay)

15. Extra points will be earn for those who start the Jalapeño Class in Clear Lake.

Competing in the Jalapeño Class does not exonerate any competitor from breaking the law, If you drink, don't drive


Xavier Varela, IJCJ International Jalapeño Class Judge
" Steaks
" Johnny Walker Black
" Corona Beers
" Beautiful Women
" Kisses (Female)

Kevin Hayes, USJCJ Senior US Jalapeño Class Judge
" Cheesburgers
" Bud Light
" Rum and coke
" Rigging repairs
" Xavier's women

Bobby McNaughton, DJCJ District Jalapeño Class Judge
" Beer
" Rum
" Vodka
" Young women

Eric Engelhardt, CLJCJ Clear Lake Jalapeño Class Judge
" Myers and OJ
" Any kind of food
" Breakfast at Manuels
" Hugs and kisses

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